Dress Code

Proper dance wear is essential for all classes. The dress code ensures that all dancers appear for class in a polished and professional manner. The dress code will be strictly enforced, and students may be asked to sit out and observe class if they are not properly dressed.

Please reference the dress code below. Any questions or concerns should be addressed directly with your instructor.

Ballet & Pointe

Black leotard (skirt optional), pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Pointe shoes are allowed at the instructor’s discretion.  Hair should be in a neat bun, securely fastened.

ballet image


No jeans, or other too-tight/restrictive clothing. Stretch dance pants with a leotard or tank top (no oversized T-shirts). Warm-up gear is acceptable at the discretion of the instructor.  Sneakers that are only worn in the studio, and that are clean and free of debris. Hair pulled back off of face. 

Lyrical & Jazz

Black leotard (skirt or dance shorts optional), tan tights, and either half sole shoes or jazz shoes must be worn — check with your instructor for the type and required color.   Hair should be off the face, preferably in a bun.


Black leotard (shirt or dance shorts optional), tan tights, and black tap shoes for students age 6 & under.  Black oxford lace up tap shoes for age 6 & up. Hair pulled back off of face. 

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tap blk


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