Leslie MacNichol

    Studio Director

    Leslie MacNichol is an alumni of BJSD. She started dancing with Beth at age 5 and continued her studies through high school. She came back to the studio to enroll her children at BJSD to give them the same dance education she received. She has been working in our studio office for about 15 years and has progressed to her current role of office manager. She attends all of our dance competitions and events and has been an integral support to our students, faculty & dance parents. We are blessed to have her as a part of our BJSD family!

        Bryn MacNichol

        Dance Teacher

        Bryn MacNichol is pursuing her undergraduate degree at Drexel University and will graduate with a BS in Dance and a minor in Somatics in June 2020. During her time at Drexel, she has volunteered for various teaching positions in University programs, including the Youth Performance Exchange and Dance at the Dornsife Center. The Youth Performance Exchange, in which she worked with a group of 20 middle school students from Edward Gideon Elementary School, is an 8 week program inviting students to develop a dance alongside a Drexel Dance student, culminating in a theater performance of their work for a group of their peers. Drexel’s Dance at the Dornsife Center, in which she has taught hip hop to children ages 10-12, offers consistent free classes to children in West Philadelphia, who otherwise do not have the opportunity to dance, and also culminates in a theater performance. She received her Pilates certification from the Drexel Pilates Training Program, which covers mat, mixed equipment, and reformer work within a supportive, propulsive, and empowering community. She also completed a six month internship with local artist Olive Prince, where she developed a creative dance curriculum, which she utilized for a pre-school class alongside Prince, accomplished marketing and administrative tasks, and assisted Prince on two choreographic processes, one on Drexel’s FreshDance Ensemble and one on Prince’s company, Olive Prince Dance. MacNichol has performed with Drexel’s FreshDance and Dance Ensembles during her time at Drexel, and has received scholarships for performing. She has choreographed multiple works on Drexel’s Dance Ensemble and FreshDance, and is the first student to be selected to present her work at the Beijing Dance Festival in July 2019.

            Adriana Alosa

            Dance Teacher

            Adriana Alosa has grown up at BJSD, dancing here since the age of 3. She has explored many types of dance and teaching techniques over the years. She started student teaching here while in high school at age 14. She has taught here since 2015 and also hosts our birthday parties. While in college Adriana has been part of a modern dance team and took movement classes at Temple University. Along with teaching dance she is also a certified barre instructor. She looks forward to sharing her passion and love of dance with her students as was done for her throughout the years at BJSD. Adriana is very excited to see what the future at BJSD holds for her.