Matt Elliott

A Native of Philadelphia, Matt Elliott has been dancing for most of his adult life. It was the novice “Tap” with Gregory Hines & Sammy Davis Jr. that reignited Matt’s passion for tap. Through social network, Mr. Elliott has been able to build an impressive reputation and professional relationships with some, of the leading tap dancers seen on stage and screen worldwide which has made him a recognizable face in the tap dance community. Most recently, Mr. Elliott has become a teacher brand ambassador for Capezio and was also named ambassador to Tap Legacy Foundation co-founded by Gregory Hines and Andrew Nemr. This summer Mr. Elliott will return to the prestigious Danc Life Retreat Center in Norton, MA to continue his education with renowned instructors Kaelyn Gray, Thelma Goldberg, Drew Burgess and Rhee Gold. In addition, he has trained under instructors such as Dianne Walker, Gregg Russell, Dorothy Wasserman, Danny Gardner, Robert Burden Jr., Andrew Nemr, Michelle Dorrance, Karen Calloway Williams, Sarah Reich, Karen Pauro, Christopher Erik, Anthony LoCascio and Debbie Gatto who he considers his mentor. Mr. Elliott and his students have performed in numerous parades and events including, the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade, Cherry Blosson Parade in Washington DC and Miss America’s show us your shoes parade on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.